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Student Motorsport are working with specialist recruitment companies to bring our members the best possible start and development in their motorsport, automotive and engineering careers.  We're working with fantastic people and organisations and are excited at the opportunities that are available to our members.  Our work experience recruitment partners are displayed below, you can learn more about them in our Affiliates Area or by clicking on the images below.

Our Work Experience Services

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The recruitment agency Student Motorsport works alongside with for work experience is Race Staff.  Race Staff is a primarily a specialist job board for motorsport and associated high tech industries but in partnership with Student Motorsport is working to change they way in which students find vital work experience and engage with the industry.  Our aim is to support candidates seeking a career in the motorsport industry.  Our work includes collaborative efforts to introduce and promote work experience programmes to our student and institution members, and utilise Race Staff's renown recruitment services for our graduate and professional members.



Packages Currently Available (For Individuals...College, UTC and University packages are coming)

To take advantage of our work experience services you must be a member of Student Motorsport and select one of our packages.  The packages we have to get you underway are as follows, and are paid via bank transfer or cheque until we have the new website live:

Option 1: £49 - Introductory Work Experience Package.  One programme of work experience with a minimum of 30 hours placement.

Option 2: £99 - Intermediate Work Experience Package.  One programme of work experience with a minimum of 60 hours placement.

Option 3: £149 - Work Experience Package & Introduction to Motorsport Career Mentoring.  One programme of work experience with a minimum of 30 hours placement and 2 telephone call coaching sessions during your work experience with our partners at The Racing Mentor.

Option 4: £199 - Advanced Work Experience Package & Introduction to Motorsport Career Mentoring.  One programme of work experience with a minimum of 60 hours placement and 2 telephone call coaching sessions during your work experience with our partners at The Racing Mentor.

What do the Packages Include?

1. 30-60 hours work experience placement.  Depending on your prior experience, requirements, and what we feel will suit you best your work experience package may see you placed in differing situation.  For example you may be placed at the race track for a race car test or race a full weekend, at motorsport facility or shadowing a motorsport professional during motorsport activities.

2. Career mentoring with our selected partners (depending on the option you choose)

3. Before, during and after placement calls from Student Motorsport to answer any questions, track your progress and to gain feedback.

4. Social media coverage to promote you activities, and advertise you to potential educators or employers.

5. Options for follow up calls, coaching and further work experience through our selected partners.

As noted we are keen to promote your activities in our social media channels and press coverage, (if you give us the 'go ahead'?) particularly when you have completed your work experience and have provided us with vital feedback.

We're also working to provide

  • Work Experience Placements
  • Job Recruitment
  • Comprehensive Interviewing
  • Candidate Screening & Video Communication (according to specification)
  • CV Services
  • Psychometric Testing (additional services)
  • HR Consultancy

Why do I need to do work experience whilst studying or training?

In August 2013 The Department for Education, the 'DFE' introduced what is now commonly known as 'study programmes'.  This meant that all students that are aged 16-19 years that are engaging in Further Education or Traineeships (16-24 years) must follow a tailored study programme to their career aspirations of which includes completing work experience.  We at Student Motorsport are all about combining the 'ingredients to success' that we talk about in other areas of the, experience and networking, and of course being a 'fan' of motorsport.



What's a Study programme?

CWA Motorsports - College of West AngliaSo in short study programmes are intended to enable all students and trainees to take a programme that helps them progress to their next stage of their intended career whether it be employment with training, an apprenticeship or further study including entry into higher education.

A Study Programme is a DfE initiative which aims to tailor and individualise all learners' education and training experience, whilst enhancing their employment and employability opportunities.  All study programmes for all 16-19 year old students in education have a core aim, and this is what we love!  Study Programmes here in the United Kingdom are designed to complement all learner pathways (route to success) whether they are vocational and/or vocational based which most people in the motorsport industry will tell you...experience is vital.

The core aim of a study programme includes a substantial qualification, which can be academic or vocational or work experience.  Most young people in education in the UK undertake a post 16 years course at college or study A'levels, but in all cases the study programme that they undertake must be tailored to the to each individual student, have clear educational and/or employment goals and have a clear path to their career.

So what is Work Experience and is it important?

Work experience as we have mentioned earlier is a key component of 16-19 study programmes and all UK students are expected to undertake work experience or some form of work-related training as part of their study programme ‘non-qualification activity’.  Although this is not 'statuary law' we here at Student Motorsport couldn't be happier that this has been introduced by the DfE.  Most motorsport companies, employers and organisations have been literally 'crying out' for a way for the UK to better compliment a students education.

Relevant work experience was rated by 66% of recruiting employers as being a critical or significant factor looked for in candidates (UKCES Employer Perspectives Survey 2014)

31% of young people starting their working lives do not feel they have the appropriate skills, citing a lack of work experience (71%) as being their main weakness (CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey 2013)

What are employers looking for in me?

We carefully select student and graduate candidates for our experience projects and recruitment services.  Our decisions are based on several factors in a step by step process to ensure the suitability of our experience projects and job placements and the organisation we are to place them with.  We look carefully at areas such as their efforts whilst in education, success with and timeliness of theory work, ability and involvement with practical activities and their race team and other important qualities employers look for such as attitude to work, punctuality and work ethic.

More information and updates to follow as we develop this area...please stand by.

If you have a work experience or job vacancy for which you are looking for candidates, or you wish to contact a professional recruitment consultant to discuss your company’s requirements, please contact us at

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