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Welcome to the Resource Centre, this is an exciting area that we are developing with our members.

The development of the resources here is one of the primary aims for our community, in our resources areas we aim to provide a catalogue of valuable information that originates from a wide range of sources such as people interested, studying, teaching and in particular working in this exciting industry.  Whether you are a motorsport enthusiast, student, graduate, educational or professional member of our site we aim to have something here that is useful for all.

Resources developed by you...individuals, educators, organisations and motorsport professionals.

Please remember that these articles can be based on personal experience and guidance, and are not all limited to technical information or advice, and although we check all articles before they are posted for suitability, we do not verify information is technically accurate or suitable for every reader. You can read more about what you might find here, what this area is useful for and what's coming to the area in the future here.


If you have any feedback for us we would love to hear from you.  We're always looking for your input, ideas and areas of interest so that we can develop our website and this area to suit you and our members.  Feedback is so valuable and will go a long way in helping us to achieve our aims, ensuring our site benefits the people we want to help and looks and feels they way you want.

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