Jessica is a level 3 motorsport student from The College of West Anglia, she was selected to take part in one of the Student Motorsport projects after we were contacted by Richard Tarling who was interested in working with a college delivering motorsport.  The tutors at the college recommended Jessica because of her dedication to the course and her fantastic input she was making with the college's Mini Cooper build for the Mini Challenge championship.

Ryan is a recent motorsport graduate from the same college, they both started on our Student Motorsport project in May 2013 as mechanics working with Richard Tarling, the project involves the testing and running a classic formula ford race car which is entered into club level saloon events in the UK and in Europe.

They also have had experience in running Richard in the Champion of Brands series as part of their studies at the college during the 2013 season.  Ryan is also involved in the BMW project we run with Atech Motorsport which can be seen on the success stories page.

"Student Motorsport is something that I was excited at getting involved in, I have had many highlights when workin with the team such as changing gear ratios before a qualifying session....gaining experience in the industry has fuelled my passion for motorsport" Jessica Pankhurst

This is a fantastic project as the students are given firsthand experience in classic motorsport engaging in areas ranging from team operations, car development, preparation and repair including race car engineering.

"Student Motorsport is something that I am very excited about as I struggled to break into the motorsport industry for the career I wanted. Some of my best experiences have come from working with Student Motorsport." Ryan Timbrell