Beth, Ryan and Oli were level 3 motorsport students from The College of West Anglia.  They were selected to take part in one of the Student Motorsport projects after we learned of the fantastic work they were doing involving in a BMW Compact Cup car build at college.  They started on our project in April 2013 as a mechanics working with Atech Motorsport testing and running BMW saloon race cars which are entered into club level saloon events in the UK.

This is a fantastic ongoing project as the students are given firsthand experience in motorsport, engaging in team operations, car preparation and development, accident repair including race car engineering, dynamics and data acquisition.

After working well with the team and improving his mechanic skills Ryan has been able to secure a role on the team and now helps in the development, preparation, maintenance, testing and running of the BMW saloon race cars which are entered into club level saloon events in the UK.

"Student Motorsport is something that I am very excited about as I struggled to break into the motorsport industry for the career I wanted. Some of my best experiences have come from working with Student Motorsport." Ryan Timbrell

Beth after completing her studies at The College of West Anglia has now secured a place at university of Staffordshire studying Motorsport at degree level.

"Preparing the BMW's has definitely made me more determined to work hard and get the grades I need to develop a career in motorsport.  Working with Atech Motorport and Student Motorsport was easy and stress free." Beth Ward

After working with Atech Oli went on to working part time with Excelr8 Motorsport and now works full time in the design and manufacture high-quality thermostatic valves for marine and industrial applications.  Oli told us: "My work experience with Atech and Excelr8 has taught me how to work in a team under pressure and the importance of teamwork...if you don't pull together things can and will go wrong."

“It's been great being involved in such a rewarding project, Student Motorsport has helped me gain relevant industry experience.” Oliver Newman

Oliver Gould-Musgrave told us: "Working with AJ Racing was a great experience, the team were friendly and helped me with my tasks. Not only was it an enjoyable experience, but I learnt more than I would have sitting at a computer.  The best part for me was watching the telemetry from the car after a few laps and seeing how certain changes affected the way the car reacted to the driver’s motions."

"I learnt that setting up a car for a race isn’t as easy as I had first thought, and that it's much harder to get into the industry than I had originally assumed. I hope to work with Student Motorsport again." Oliver Gould-Musgrave