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Student Motorsport is dedicated to sharing the fantastic activities that motorsport professionals take part in and the valuable contribution that they are making to the motorsport industry.  We want the wider motorsport industry to be an integral part of our community by engaging with young people, enthusiasts, students, graduates, institutions and other like-minded motorsport professionals.…your work and technical advancements deserve better recognition.  We know how important it is that you are able to promote your interests, activities, products, services and associated partners in the best possible way to ensure you remain on the right track and focused on your aims and in turn ongoing success in motorsport.

By taking advantage of Student Motorsport our community, resources and collaborative projects you will be helping us to better support our members so they can enrich their education with the experience that they are desperately seeking and the skillset that you and the wider motorsport industry demands.  Some of our professional members wish to offer individuals experience at their company or organisation and whilst they receive the extra help they need, they are supporting the next generation of motorsport professionals and in turn the motorsport industry.  Why not help young people, students and graduates acquire the experience that the motorsport industry is desperately seeking by taking advantage of this service by getting involved.



Register for your membership with Student Motorsport today and enjoy a unique insight and way to engage with the next generation of motorsport professionals.  Our website offers many benefits to its registered professionals.  As the site develops you will see a growing range of benefits, resources and opportunities become available some of which include the following:

  • Access our community and make connections you want to with students, graduates, institutions and other motorsport and engineering related professionals.
  • Connect to new like-minded people, network on a unique website and open up new avenues, opportunities and possibilities.
  • Website space where you can develop your own profile page.
  • Link your company website, blog, social network sites and add video's and images to your profile page.
  • Ability to further highlight the importance of your motorsport activities you are involved in and attract new business, sponsors and affiliates.
  • Access to a developing Student Motorsport Resource Centre.
  • Access to Student Motorsport store and specialist discount schemes. (Coming soon)
  • Take part in experience programmes and receive extra help at your organisation.
  • Take part in Personal and Professional Development, Portfolio and CV Development workshops for prospective employees. (Coming soon)
  • Advertise your job or work experience positions via our student and graduate motorsport and engineering recruitment services.
  • Receive invitations to networking events, workshops and lecturers. (Coming soon)
  • Access to advertising options for improving your brand awareness. (Coming son)
  • Website Contributor - Contribute to our Resource Centre and help us to understand what you did in order to reach the position you are today and give students and graduates guidance on what it is your particular part of the motorsport industry expects from such individuals.

Remember these are just some of the benefits that will become available during the growth of our exciting new website.  Our website and community have been developed to benefit you, your company or organisation and the wider motorsport industry.



Please contact us if you wish to express ideas for change or additional benefits, we never underestimate or undervalue your opinions, ideas and suggestions of the ways we can improve and introduce new features and resources to benefit our members.

Student Motorsport is always looking for people to get involved in our venture, share our vision and inspire us to do more for the next generation of motorsport professionals.

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