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Is the Student Motorsport website finished?

Student Motorsport is the first online student community for the motorsport industry and a unique concept that we are proud to be developing alongside our contributors, partners and exciting collaborative projects.  The website is designed for our guests, members and affiliates and is an ever-changing and evolving platform.  We stand by our mission of creating a website and community that has direct involvement and input from the people interested in, studying and working in the motorsport industry....this is 'phase 2' of our development which you can learn about on our About Us page.

Remember we would love for you to take part, get involved and contribute in our venture, we value your input and feedback and want you to join us on our long and ever evolving journey.  So in addition to the changes we make, features we introduce and contribution we make, tell us what you want the website to include and let us be the voice that changes the way that you interact with the wider motorsport community and industry....together lets make change happen, besides who knows what we can achieve in 'phase 3'...but that story is for another day and that's where we enter into our 'expansion phase'!

Let’s make a positive impact on the motorsport industry and do something different…


What features are coming to Student Motorsport?

Combining Education & ExperienceStudent Motorsport has a unique way of approaching the problems we see through a combination of education, experience and networking.  Our website is being developed with support from the people who actively work in education and motorsport to directly support you 'the next generation of motorsport professionals'...we are listening to what you want.

Our wide and varied connections within the motorsport industry include young enthusiasts, educators, industry specialists, governing bodies, businesses and professionals which allows us to provide unrivaled opportunities for you to gain valuable and practical experience in a vast range of motorsport and engineering professions.  These include roles such as Race Car Mechanic, Data Engineer, Race Engineer, Driver Coach, Team Operations & Logistics, Sponsorship, Hospitality, Media Relations, Driver & Lifestyle Coach and so on...


Here are also some of the features we are developing alongside our partners and will be introducing throughout the growth and development of our website.  Some are already in place, some are developing but we hope these will open up many new areas, advantages and opportunities to you:

  • Student Motorsport projects
  • Work Experience programmes
  • Additional motorsport experience programmes
  • Events and workshop invitations
  • Webinars and online workshops
  • Schools area
  • Exclusive partner discounts to members
  • Recruitment area and services
  • Additional Resource Centre features
  • Motorsport information and career advice
  • Portfolio and CV development
  • Q&A Area
  • Professional and personal development
  • Dedicated Formula Student Project advice and discount scheme area
  • Student Motorsport Academy
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Earning potential

Remember the vital ingredients to success in motorsport...Education, Experience, Networking and Passion.  

Remember our social tags...#GetInvolved and #GoFar

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