Who are our website contributors?

Becoming involved in Student Motorsport as a contributor is easy.  If you have interests, knowledge, experience or advice that you could share why not become one of our website contributors?  Our contributors are diverse in their area of interest, knowledge, skills and profession.  They are made up of motorsport enthusiasts, students, graduates, lecturers and other industry professionals and can be found in our Contributors AreaYou can also head there by clicking on the image to the left of this page.  These individuals are contributing to and supporting our website by taking the time to share their information.

We're proud to be able to share our growing catalogue of information freely with our website members and wish to personally thank each individual for their amazing contribution to our community resources, the information and advice they share is so valuable.



We're dedicated to sharing information

Here at Student Motorsport we strongly believe in bringing the people interested in, studying, teaching and working in motorsport closer together, one way we do this is by encouraging and freely sharing relevant information.  We're also dedicated to improving and experimenting with the way people interact in motorsport, and through our resources we're effectively working to remove barriers through the sharing of information, good practices and relevant information.

Whether you're a motorsport enthusiast, student, graduate, institute or professional member viewing this area we aim to have something that is useful for all.  We hope that young people, students and aspiring motorsport professionals can engage with and benefit from this valuable information.


Benefits of becoming a website contributor

So if you're ready to become more involved in Student Motorsport as a contributor it's easy just contact us to register your interest.  If you have interests, knowledge, experience or advice that you could share why not become one of our website contributors?

Whether you're a motorsport enthusiast, student, graduate, institution representative (such as a lecturer) or motorsport professional we want to hear from you.  Your information, knowledge, advice, experiences and stories are what will inspire others.

You will be supporting and inspiring the next generation of motorsport professionals.  Have your say, help support people and provide valuable input to our community, being one of our website contributors has benefits for both yourself and the visitors and members of our website.


More of the benefits to you are listed below:

  • The information that we develop with our contributors can be access by members in our Resource Centre or linked to via our discussion areas in and around our community activity.  Your information will be shared in a community and accessed by students, graduates, institutions and professionals in the wider motorsport, automotive and engineering industries in the UK and overseas.  It's a great way to show our community and the wider motorsport industry what you do best.  We'll help you to advertise the good things you are doing, and your involvement in your field through the information you share with us.
  • As a contributor we'll provide you with a Contributor Area Profile which includes images and links to your website, company or blog as applicable.  This will add a further dimension to your profile on Student Motorsport and presence on the internet and wider motorsport community.
  • The further you become involved in Student Motorsport the better you are able to promote yourself...remember your information will be viewed by a wide-ranging audience and your potential affiliated individuals and organisations.
  • You are free to share information on a frequent as a basis as you like, we don’t believe in pressuring contributors for content but we do have a minimum expectation of one contribution every three months.
  • The information and material you contribute to our community is accredited to you and is linked to your member profile...promote yourself by sharing your interests, skills and expertise.  Why not include articles, stories, images, links, your advice, how to guides, experience and so on; the list is endless...we are looking for your inspiration.

We already have many individuals and organisations making fantastic contributions to our website and resources.  We encourage you to share your information, knowledge, expertise and experiences in our community which in turn will benefit our visitors, members, affiliates and the wider motorsport community.

Please contact us to register your interest in becoming one of our contributors and we will answer any questions you have and complete your contributor page and profile.

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