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What will my account include and look like?

It's simple...your membership allows you to take part in other areas of our's just four examples of the sort of areas you'll be able to take part in through your own member profile.  You'll need to be a member to access all the features and benefits in this area...but don't worry if your not yet a member more information on our membership can be found here.


Your Account Features...

You'll be able to showcase yourself from your profile, engage with the members and partners and take part in the discussions in the Community Activity Area.  Take time to read and comment on the articles and information in our Resource Centre and benefit from exclusive partner discounts and services, such as product and services discounts, training, networking and work experience including job and careers opportunities.

User Profile - Main

Activity Area - MainWE & Recruitment - Info Page

Partner Services







Your Profile Features...

Gradually develop your profile and stand matter what type of member you are you'll be able to illustrate what's most important to you, such as your aims, career aspirations or company objectives.

 User Profile - MenuProfile Page - DetailsMember Profile - Experience & InterestsYour Important Links






Activity Area Features...

Here you'll be able to interact with other members and show what your interested in, perhaps ask questions, seek advice or showcase your education, work, achievements or services if you're a professional member.

Activity Area - MainActivity Area - Who's ActiveActivity Area - Latest ImagesActivity Area - Latest Articles







Resource Area Features...

Access articles and information written by people studying, working and actively engaged in too could become a website contributor.

Resource Centre - MainResource Area - Article ExampleResource Centre - Article List

Member Comments - Comment on Articles

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