Welcome to the Volunteers Area where we post positions that we are looking to fill here at Student Motorsport.


Making a Difference...

Would you like an opportunity to apply your skills, talents and passions into a real meaningful projects that is making a difference and a positive impact in education and the wider motorsport industry?  Perhaps you would be interested in 'giving back' whilst also opening up opportunities for you to build your skills, experience, career portfolio or business at the same time?





Who are we?

Student Motorsport is the first online motorsport community for young people, students, graduates, educators, institutions, professionals and organisations.  Our website which you can read about more here is a not-for-profit organisation developed to help such individuals.  It's a place where people looking to take the step into the motorsport industry can come to for information, and those with experience can share information, provide support and guidance and help create opportunities.





During our company infancy and the development of our new website we want to develop a team of volunteers who have a genuine interest in making a difference and share some interest or passion in motorsport.  We want people who like us care about making a difference and are willing to contribute a little time each month (however much or however little you can) to provide their skills, talents or passions towards our community.

We don't expect you to help us without receiving anything in return, all of our amazing volunteers have opportunities to gain access to our affiliated organisations and our contacts to help support them in their career or business and help build their own network.  We will work to help you enhance your career and business prospects through your work and help to open the right doors.



We're currently looking for people who have an interest in developing themselves personally and professionally during our developmental stages in the following areas:

  • Social Media Account Managers (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Photography - Recording Project & Work Experience
  • Website Design - Front end and back-end developers for our .com website.  You must have experience in WordPress, BuddyPress and S2Member areas.
  • Press & Marketing - Developing articles, interviews and getting our message out to the wider education and motorsport industry.

Please contact us for more information or use our contact form to show your interest.  We're also all ears if you have any suggestions or would like to offer your services that are not displayed on this page.

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