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Welcome to the 'Featured Institutions and Educators' area of our website, we would like your institution be it a school, college, UTC or university to take part in this exciting area of our website.  We invite you to become a valued member of this area by taking advantage of your very own embedded web page in the Student Motorsport community.  Our 'catalogue' of featured institutions and educators is something we are proud to be developing with the individuals and organisations that make motorsport education a success.

We'll promote your motorsport curriculum and  activities

This new area features institution and educators pages that are embedded into the Student Motorsport website in order to target specific types of visitor or audience.  We offer this so you're able to further and widen your reach in terms of advertisement, new students, affiliation and support and intend to help you add further focus on a particular area of your activities.  For example educators often introduce new a course feature, expertise or industry partner and therefore we want to help you illustrate this, your activities and success in a unique fashion.

This approach and additional promotional activities will help bring institutions and educators closer to their students, graduates, other institutions and affiliates and hopefully attract future undergraduates to their courses.  We are thrilled to feature you on our website, your contribution and activity in our community cannot be over valued…we want to show the motorsport industry the great things that you are achieving, including the valuable contribution each one of you are making to the motorsport industry…your work and endeavors deserve a better and more focused recognition.

We're celebrating success

In our unique motorsport community we are proud to showcase and celebrate student success, your institution successes and the success of many people, institutions and educators from all over the world.  In this area of the website we're targeting education in motorsport and steering you away from some of the distractions we see in mainstream social media.

Student Motorsport is dedicated to supporting institutions and educators by creating this unique catalogue of institutions and organisations that deliver motorsport, automotive and engineering related courses and training.  We're focused on promoting the fantastic things that people are achieving and are how they are supporting the next generation of motorsport professionals.

Creating additional awareness of your work, contribution and endeavors

Taking advantage of a featured page within Student Motorsport opens up many exciting opportunities.  We're providing institutions and educators with the option to work closely with us to design and implement a page that focuses on what they need....this page displays what is important to you.

We understand what can be done to better support your students and partners, and can help you to promote your endeavors and activities that you carry out as part of your motorsport programme.  Education and motorsport work well together, but we need to ensure that relevant and continual support is provided to students and graduates as they make up a large majority of the motorsport industry.

Benefits of featured pages

  • Improving your brand awareness − Are you well-known in the motorsport industry?
  • Ability to put more focus on your motorsport department activities - Share your good practices and things that you are achieving.
  • Improved communication with target audience − Reach out to prospective students, motorsport and related industry employers and sponsors.
  • Wider and targeted promotion of your courses and motorsport activities.
  • High target audience − Student Motorsport is the home for motorsport students and educators across the world.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) − Student Motorsport is optimised online to influence optimal position in all leading search engines.
  • We provide regular page updates to ensure your page is up to date with your activities.

Your featured page will include:

  • Full website width landing page design
  • Customised header graphic or your institution logo
  • Customised page colours and fonts
  • Your institution website links
  • Text information areas of your choice such as course information
  • Other relevant links such as social media and selected partners
  • Embedded images and videos of your choice, for example motorsport activities
  • Links to relevant PDF and Word documents
  • Hit counter for page views

Please remember this is a new area of the website that we are developing alongside our institution members.  These are just some of the benefits that will become available during the growth of 'phase 2' of our exciting new website.  Our website and community have been developed to benefit your institution, students, graduates and partners.  Please feel free to contact us as we never underestimate or undervalue your opinions, ideas and suggestions of the ways we can improve and introduce new features and resources to benefit you and our members.

Please contact us if you wish to express ideas for change or additional benefits.  Student Motorsport is always looking for people to get involved in our venture, share our vision and inspire us to do more for the next generation of motorsport professionals.

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