Student Race Series

Student Race Series

Student Motorsport and Tiger Racing have come together and taken important step in bringing motorsport closer to education, thanks to this unique combination the motorsport industry will gain a UK series that is made up of entirely educational teams.  This series is designed to be affordable to institutions and allows students and educators to engage with modern, competitive and reliable racing cars, and will enhance students experience whilst they study a motorsport related course at either college, UTC or university.

Our Aims are Simple

The new student series aims to transform education and motorsport in the UK by providing accessible motorsport activities to educational institutions.  Currently in motorsport there is no championship that is solely dedicated to education, so there’s no benchmark opportunity to focus students on.  By taking part in our series we’re helping to power the careers of the next generation of motorsport professionals.  Help us by encouraging your students to take control, shape their future and add a further dimension to an already exciting career in motorsport.

Key Features of the Series

We’re bringing fantastic opportunities to motorsport students; by changing the way that education and motorsport work together we are effectively removing the barriers that up to now motorsport educators have faced.  Through a unique combination of a professional series, modern racing cars and professionalism that Tiger Racing and Student Motorsport are bringing, this will be one of the single most important steps taken to support and boost motorsport education in the UK.

We are supporting your student’s educational and career development:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of motorsport operations, mechanics and engineering.
  • Embed teaching whilst your students gain valuable trackside experience.
  • Preparation for a move to experience and employment in higher race formulas.
  • Networking for students and institutions with likeminded individuals.
  • Share knowledge and experiences and learn in new areas.
  • Build a portfolio of experience for a career in motorsport.
  • Gain new skills and fine tune existing skills and knowledge
  • Improving existing and gain new valuable Modern single seater race car.

The Student Series Concept

For the inaugural year of the championship your team will arrive at each circuit and will be responsible for the running of your Tiger Avon race car(s) during each round.  The student race series will visit the most popular circuits in the UK and will benefit from spares and support at every race.  We will provide technical support on the phone, trackside during dedicated tests and race weekends.

This includes the running of all team operations such as:

  • Pit garage and awning set-up
  • Race car preparation, set-up and repairs
  • Tyre and fuel management (Tyre support provided by ???? Tyres)
  • Race car engineering and data acquisition
  • Data and race car preparation documentation
  • Driver support and coaching (Options available)

With the support you will receive from us and our partners you can concentrate on giving your students the opportunity to be involved in the very best of professional motorsport and race car preparation.  They will gain vital experience in important areas such as motorsport operations, race car preparation, damage repairs, data analysis and management and race car engineering.

Training & Team Support

Training and support are vital to ensure that the inaugural year of the series is as successful and enjoyable for all of our student teams.

Before the series takes off next year we will be hosting a number of workshops (TBA before official test) at a venue to ensure that you are well prepared and get the best possible start to your series.

We will ensure that your team is confident in engaging in each series round and that all of your questions are answered by our experienced team.  You will receive support and guidance in areas such as:

  • Weekend Format
  • Unloading and Pit Garage/Awning Setup/Pack up
  • Car and Systems Familiarisation (Where Applicable)
  • Fasteners, Tooling and Equipment use
  • Data Acquisition Training
  • Engineering and Set-up
  • Wheels, Tyres and Fuel
  • Crash Management and Repairs
  • Driver Communication and Support
  • Health & Safety
  • Clothing and PPE Requirements
  • Team and Individual Conduct
  • Paperwork

Further Information

More information will be provided in due course, in the meantime please feel free to contact us to register your interest or contact Tiger Racing on the details below for further technical and finance enquiries.

Technical and Finance enquiries:

Jim Dudley

Tiger Racing

01945 461 200

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