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MembershipWelcome to Student Motorsport...If you're not yet a member of our website don't worry you can gain access to all the interactive areas and resources by signing up to one of our membership options here.  Our membership opens up many exciting new opportunities for you depending on your circumstances and account type.  We pride ourselves on helping and connecting as many individuals, educators and organisations as we can, that's why we have introduced this website for you to take advantage of.

Join us and become a valuable part of our growing community.

Other ways to get involved in what we do...

Thank you for choosing to visit the next development of our website.  If you're here that's great news, your direct input in what we do is vital.  Student Motorsport is after all a website for people interested in motorsport that's designed by the people in motorsport.

We're dedicated in reaching out to and helping people develop their career or make the step into motorsport, and are encouraging people to work with us and become involved in the great things we're doing.  We’re also excited at the features, benefits and opportunities that are available in our community, and are proud to be providing a unique community and website that will allow us to deliver on our aims...and that's where you come in.

Now in the second phase of our ongoing website development and we want you to go further than simply registering for an account profile...this is where you can get involved.  We're now offering some of the control to individuals and that could be you, it is after all your website and we want you to be creative by giving us your input.  The first way we can do this is to get you directly involved in shaping our new website...whether you're a motorsport enthusiast, student, graduate, lecturer or professional in the motorsport, automotive or engineering industries we are reaching out as your contribution is vital.

If any of the areas below are of interest to you please take a look at the individual areas to see how they can be beneficial to you.  Please also contact us thereafter so we can discuss the ways you can become and affiliated individual or organisation.  Join us and support us so we can continue to provide benefits and opportunities to the next generation of motorsport professionals.

Website Contributor - Share Your Knowledge

Register as a website contributor and share your interests, advice or expertise.  The information you share is displayed in our Resource Centre, examples of our contributors can be seen by clicking on the image to the right of this page.  The development of this area is one of the primary aims for our community, the information and advice our contributors and members share is so valuable.

Whether you are a motorsport enthusiast, student, graduate, institute or professional your will be able to share something that is valuable to the members of our site, and in turn promote your own activities.

Projects - Collaborative Experience Projects for Members

One of the key elements of Student Motorsport is helping people…so how do we do that?  Well we’re working collaboratively with like-minded individuals, institutions, companies and organisations.

These individuals are helping us to design, develop and implement activities, projects and incentives that our members can take advantage of.  Examples of our projects can be seen by clicking on the image to the right of this page.  Help us to develop and provide opportunities for future motorsport professionals by working with us on a project as an individual or organisation.

Affiliates - Work With Us

Website Development - Affiliates CentreAffiliates - Through collaborative projects and with careful networking we have been able to work with some fantastic individuals and organisations.  With support from these individuals and organisations we’re changing the ways in which people can connect and interact within the motorsport industry.

You can see in our Affiliates Centre how we're working hard towards creating a unique environment for you to be involved in.  Some of the affiliates can be viewed by clicking on the image to the right of this page, they provide products, services or experiences for our members but we're all ears to how we can help you promote your business through our website...we look forward to welcoming you to our website and community.  We need your support to succeed...we're aiming high in our goals, so team work is essential.

Jobs - Voluntary Positions Available

Would you like an opportunity to apply your skills, talents and passions into a real meaningful projects that is making a difference and a positive impact in education and the wider motorsport industry?  Perhaps you would be interested in 'giving back' whilst also opening up opportunities for you to build your skills, experience, career portfolio or business at the same time?   Check out our Jobs Area for more information.

Ambassadors - Represent and endorse what we do

We are looking for people who are well represented within the engineering and motorsport industry and linked to good causes to represent and support our values and aims.  Why not contact us and help us to spread our message and raise awareness of the projects and good causes we are developing within Student Motorsport.

What's coming to Student Motorsport in the future?

In addition to the website features we introduce, we would like to find out what features and aspects you want to be able to take advantage of, resources you will find useful and innovative opportunities we should develop and introduce.

Examples of other features that are coming to Student Motorsport in the future:

  • Blog - Register as a blogger on our blog area and share your experiences.
  • User Forums - Help to moderate our member forums.
  • Recruitment & Work Experience Services - Dedicated experience programmes for students and recruitment services for graduate positions.
  • Student Motorsport Events - Join us at a Student Motorsport event, provide your expertise and meet like-minded individuals, motorsport professionals and the Student Motorsport team.
  • Student Motorsport Race Series - Get involved in our one make racing series solely for students and educators.
  • Support Talks & Workshops - Student advice and workshop sessions are planned to be hosted online, at our events in person and with our overseas partner organisations.

Keep an eye on our website Resource Centre and Our Future areas for announcements and news items.  Alternatively please contact us as we're always pleased to discuss new ideas that will benefit our visitors and members and the ways you can become involved.

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