Take part in a growing community that will help to provide you with an excellent start to your career and employment success in the future.

What is Student Motorsport?

‘We're powering the careers of the next generation of Motorsport Professionals’

Student Motorsport is the first online community for students and young people looking to take the step into the motorsport industry.  We are dedicated to connecting and supporting young people, undergraduate and graduate students, institutions and professionals in the motorsport and engineering industries and aim to fuel career development.  We understand the sort of qualities, experience and practical skills the motorsport industry and its employers seek in graduates and young professionals entering into the industry.

Our mission is simple: Create a community based, structured and targeted environment in order to connect the world’s motorsport enthusiasts, students, graduates, institutions and professionals.  These individuals and organisations can access, build and manage a professional online profile, catalyse new opportunities, develop new affiliations and seek new ventures whilst sharing information, knowledge and experience. Our community is focused on what matters and 'steers away' from the distractions of main stream social media.

We have a simple three-point mission statement:

1. Our aim is to connect young people, enthusiasts, motorsport students and graduates to motorsport, engineering and automotive professionals and employers.

2. We’ll give our members the opportunity to build an online profile and portfolio of valuable motorsport experience.

3. Provide a platform to bring enthusiasts, students, institutions and professionals together so they can share their motorsport experiences.

Is the website completed?

Student Motorsport is the first online community for the motorsport industry and a unique concept that we are proud to be developing alongside our partners and through exciting collaborative projects.  The website is designed for you and will never really be completed as this is an ever-changing and evolving platform that we want you to help us build.  We are in 'phase 2' of our site development...we call this our 'Interactive Phase'.

For 'phase 2' we're are breaking the mould, changing the way that young people and students are both perceived by and enter into the motorsport industry and we want you to help us make change happen.

Get involved in our venture, tell us what features you want the site to have and together we can be the voice that changes the way that you interact with the wider motorsport community and industry...together we're making change happen....who knows what we can achieve in 'phase 3'...but that's for another day and that's our 'Expansion Phase'.

Remember our vital ingredients to success in motorsport...Education, Experience, Networking and Passion!

What are the benefits to Students?

Student Motorsport specialises in helping students acquire the necessary skills and experience that the motorsport industry and its respective employers ask for.  Our combination of first hand experience and knowledge means that we at Student Motorsport are able to bring a unique way of entry into motorsport and the first steps to your future in the industry.

Here are some of the benefits coming to you:

  • This is something new, a fresh idea that young people, students and the industry needs.
  • We're opening up opportunities in the motorsport industry…engage with your future employers!
  • Developed from the personal experiences of a former student, graduate working as a professional in the motorsport industry and lecturer in motorsport…we know what you need.
  • Place to find a combination of first-hand knowledge and experience…a unique blend of information at your fingertips…
  • Active steps taking place to a change in the way that students are perceived by the motorsport sector…
  • The need for change…we have been in your position and have access to what the employers are looking for!
  • Join a community, learn what is required to gain entry to the areas you are interested in pursuing a career in…
  • Learn how to combine education and experiences…see how to access real motorsport experience to gain the skill you need for your career…
  • Join a growing community of students, graduates, institutions and industry professionals that will help to provide you with an excellent start to your motorsport career and employment success in the future…
  • Many benefits coming soon to take advantage of such as…making new connections, access to personal profile space, growing resource centre and more…

What are the key aims of Student Motorsport?

Student Motorsport is a dedicated to becoming the 'one-stop' destination for anyone focused on beginning and developing a career in the motorsport industry.  We are developing our website so that you can get connected, improve your motivation and become a recognised individual driving yourself towards your motorsport career.

We are dedicated to getting young people and students on the right track to success in their motorsport career.  Whatever career path or role you wish to focus on we will support and help you succeed be it as a race car mechanic, data engineer, designer or looking further into the future as a team manager.

We invite you to take part in our developing community which will provide a provision of niche motorsport career information and recruitment opportunities not offered anywhere else, here's what's happening...

  • Our website is being developed into a specialist portal which can be used by students, graduates, educational institutions and professionals in the motorsport and engineering industries and we're also focused on supporting young people who don't normally have access to education.
  • Motorsport user groups exist on other platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook but do not exist as a single dedicated community and therefore the quality, usefulness and validity of such groups is somewhat diluted.  Our website will channel the relevant people and information that is most important to your success.
  • We are focused on a targeted and unique networking platform which is being custom-developed for the needs of motorsport professionals.  It is designed to make it easier for members to interact, share information and promote themselves within the motorsport industry for career advancement.
  • We aim to provide a niche advertising and marketing tool for motorsport professionals, employers and educational institutions to recruit staff or new students, enhance their profile, promote what they are doing, and generate new business leads, ventures or deals.

What features are coming to Student Motorsport?

Student Motorsport has a unique way of approaching the problems we see with the combination of education and motorsport.  Our site is being developed by the people who actively work in motorsport to directly support you 'the next generation of motorsport professionals'...we are listening to what you want.

Our varied connections within the motorsport industry include industry specialists, governing bodies, businesses and professionals which allow us to provide unrivalled opportunities for you to gain valuable practical experience in a vast range of motorsport and engineering professions.  These include roles such as Race Car Mechanic, Data Engineer, Race Engineer, Driver Coach, Team Operations & Logistics, Sponsorship, Hospitality, Media Relations, Driver & Lifestyle Coach and so on.

The exciting features that are being currently developed for Student Motorsport are coming soon and will open up many new areas to you such as:

  • A developing dedicated motorsport community
  • Become a featured member in our case studies area
  • Opportunities to meet like-minded people and explore new avenues
  • Targeted forums to share your experience and knowledge and learn
  • Student Motorsport exclusive partner discounts
  • Dedicated Formula Student Project advice and discount scheme area
  • Our Resource Centre for help and advice
  • Motorsport information and career advice
  • Professional personal development
  • Motorsports experience programmes
  • Portfolio and CV development
  • Phone interview preparation
  • Events and workshop invitations
  • Volunteer opportunities...get involved in our partner projects
  • Earning potential

Is your answer not here?

Have a new question for us?  We would love to hear from you, please contact us, any suggestions for the site or the FAQ area are most welcome.

Remember our website is for you so we need to know what features you need and the direction you want to drive Student Motorsport in.

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