John Paul Latham

"Hi I'm JP the founder of Student Motorsport."

JP Latham

"Student Motorsport was brought to life through my personal experience and my passion for helping people.  This led to the vision, development and drive to create a website and online community to help students and young people to step into the motorsport industry.  Student Motorsport has been a personal goal since I started at my first full-time motorsport job in 2008 and really began development in 2011.  It's from my collective experiences and in particular working in the industry that I have been able to develop the idea.

I have been lucky enough to study motorsport in Further and Higher Education at Myerscough College and University of Central Lancashire with my last graduation being in 2008.  During my time as a student I was introduced to a wide range of subject areas and experiences that have helped me to develop the knowledge that I use in my motorsport career today.  It’s this knowledge and experience that I am driving into the website I have created.  Interesting subject areas such as 'Motorsport Industry', Engineering Design', 'Competition Car Preparation', Team & Event Management' and Computer Aided Design' together with the hands on experience I have gained working in the industry have all gone towards developing my motorsport career and the website to date.

JP - Double M RacingI secured my first racing job in Formula Renault in the early summer of 2008, prior to my graduation.  I started working for Double M Racing both in the UK and in Europe, which was an eye opener.  I was responsible for the assembly, maintenance, repair and support of two Formula Renault race cars used within the UK BARC Championship and Northern European (NEC) Formula Renault series.

After my time working within Formula Renault, I gained experience on a variety of levels within the motorsport industry including; Formula Palmer Audi, Formula 4, Formula Ford, Ginetta, Radical and Lamborghini.

JP at CWA MotorsportSince October 2009 I worked as a motorsport lecturer at The College of West Anglia.  In addition to teaching, I help to run several cars in the Mini Challenge.  Whilst my main employment has been as a college lecturer, I have consistently worked in the motorsport industry to maintain my knowledge, skills and passion for the sport.

I have a good understanding of what it is like trying to start and develop a career in the motorsport industry, therefore I understand what support students and young people need in order to succeed in this challenging and demanding environment.

You'll see that our website is always developing and we're working hard to drive our community in which like-minded individuals can come together to share their motorsport experience, advice and information.  I see the website as a 'vehicle' and 'tool' that together with our visitors and members we can develop to help them in many ways.  We welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas as to the direction the site should take.

Please feel free to contact me or see our FAQ page for any questions we are more than happy to hear from you."

JP Latham

Founder of Student Motorsport
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