Contributor start date: 01 Mar 2017

How we contribute to Student Motorsport

"Hi we're Jacob and Leanne from Torque Human Performance and we're excited to be involved and contributing to such a good cause.  In addition to being a Student Motorsport affiliate we will contribute to the Resource Centre by creating factual and interesting articles in order to educate those involved within the motorsport industry.  These will be related to enhancing a driver’s human performance and health and well being.

We aim to work together to raise the importance of fitness and nutrition within motorsport and to educate those involved in the industry.  We are focused on improving the well being and mindset of people studying and working in this exciting and fast paced industry.  Student Motorsport members can also benefit form our services at an exclusive members only rate which you can read about on our affiliate page.


What we do

Torque Human Performance comprises of Jacob Leaver and Leanne Holder, both who are MSc Strength and Conditioning Qualified.  Together they are motorsport performance enhancement specialists that work to coach drivers, engineers and people involved in motorsport by advising them on their physical fitness and nutritional intake in order for them to be at the peak of their career.  They pride themselves on delivering a professional and personalised service ensuring that each client gets specific work tailored to their area of motorsport.

"I am thrilled to be personally supported by such a professional team of fitness, nutrition and well-being experts.  It was fantastic to meet Jacob and Leanne at Autosport International in January 2017 and I look forward to supporting our members through their professional services and advice."  JP the Founder of Student Motorsport

More about us

"Torque Human Performance’s services are extensive and include; Personalised motorsport specific training and nutrition plans, strength and conditioning sessions, race day support, injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies, sports massage/therapy and seminars in fitness and nutrition education." Leanne Holder

How did the name Torque Human Performance get chosen?  We wanted it to be car related due to the obvious passion, but also to be related to the human body in some form to reflect the driver bit.  With the word Torque reflecting a force that causes rotation in not only a cars capacity but also in the body, we felt it was perfect!

“We are really pleased to be working with student motorsport as we share a similar passion of educating people involved in motorsport in order to get the best results possible.  We feel that this will open many opportunities not only for us but for the Student Motorsport members and will encourage their members to better themselves daily in the preparation for their careers.” Jacob Lever