Contributor start date: 01 Feb 2015

How I contribute to Student Motorsport

“Hi I’m Rob, I contribute to the Student Motorsport website through articles on my time studying motorsport at college, my journey into motorsport and my detailing work.

I'm proud to support Student Motorsport, I have technical experience in open and closed wheel formulas particularly with Formula Ford 1600 ‘Kent’ and Radical Sports Cars.  I was introduced to the founder JP whilst studying Motorsport Engineering at the college where he works as a lecturer in motorsport.  He introduced me to the concept and vision behind Student Motorsport and I was pleased he asked me to become involved."


What I do

"Since becoming involved in Student Motorsport we have been fortunate enough to have had experience in various race formulas including Formula Ford (Marrick 1600 Kent), Radical Clubsport, BMW 318 Compact Cup (Project), Citroen 2CV 24 hours, Radical SR4, AirAsia Renault UK Clio Cup TOCA Support.

I progressed from a student with exposure to college motorsport experience, to now confidently working on any race car that I am offered work on.  If it hadn’t have been the support and direction from JP at Student Motorsport we would never have thought of starting my own venture offering racing support.

From there on Student Motorsport presented me with an opportunity to support a Radical Clubsport throughout the 2011 season which I jumped at the chance, as the season progressed Student Motorsport introduced me to even more different race teams which led to working with championship winning team and work abroad to work in the Aston Martin GT4 championship."






More about me

"After the season supporting the Radical myself and a fellow student Tom Harrison completed an end of the season rebuild where we carried out the installation and replacement of an engine with dry sump conversion on the car.  This is what influenced our idea to start out as a support crew and S&H Motorsport was formed.  We recommend becoming involved in Student Motorsport to everyone!  If you want to make a serious effort at achieving the career you want get on-board with Student Motorsport and start networking with the right people.”