Contributor start date: 01 Aug 2016

How I contribute to Student Motorsport

"Hi I’m Nikhil, I’m really excited about being a Student Motorsport contributor.  I'll be sharing some of my experiences as a motorsport student and whilst working with students in motorsport activities.

I’ve had a fair share of experience in student motorsport competitions through FSAE as an undergraduate, and thereafter I secured a job travelling around my country (India) to train and inspire students to take part in such initiatives.  I am thankful to Student Motorsport for presenting me with such an amazing opportunity to continue doing my work and contribute to this field on a broader platform."





 What I Do

"I am a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at North Carolina State University and specialising in Design.  At the university, I am working upon design and development of an autonomous vehicle for personalised public transit.

In addition to that, I’m a huge fan of Formula 1 and Endurance Championships.  During my job as a trainer, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about professional motorsport among students and will continue to do so.  I like to explore and learn about modern automotive technologies and would like to contribute to this field from my end (one of the reasons, why I came to US for my graduate school).

Being a part of Student Motorsport, I hope to help students solve issues or problems regarding their projects in designing or manufacturing, share my knowledge, experience, discuss topics and most importantly learn from others."



More about me

"I wasn’t always a 'car or motorsport person', but I’m glad that I came along this path and now automotive and motorsport technology has become a part of my life.  I remember as an undergraduate, I was a freshman and some seniors had put together a car using junk parts just for fun.  That had us thinking is there any better way for students like us to do such and build our own car.  That’s when my friends and I found out about the various student competitions that are out there and that was the start of my path in the field of automobiles"

After graduating, I wanted a 'break from the books', so I enrolled myself in a training program offered by a local BMW dealer.  I always enjoyed 'getting my hands dirty' and so there I was working in workshops, fixing cars.  I also learned more about some of the extraordinary technologies the car companies are putting in everyday road going vehicles.

I have always believed that we learn more effectively when we are faced with the task to teach someone, and hence I decided to accept the best job that could ever be offered to me. ‘All On Auto Trainings’ was a company who is affiliated with Student Motorsport hired me as their academic expert.  My job was to explore automotive technologies and develop interesting content which I’d then deliver to students throughout India during numerous seminars or training sessions we held.

After two years of explorations and presentations I find myself in the United States hoping to be a part of automotive research and development, and I believe I am on the right path.  I hope that my contributions here help inspire the next generation of automotive and motorsport professionals."