Contributor start date: 01 Feb 2017

How I Contribute to Student Motorsport

Rally Cross"Hi my name is Matt, and I’m very excited to join Student Motorsport.  I am trying to cut it as a motorsport journalist and so I will be sharing my experiences in the hope of helping other members to break into such a competitive field.

Trying to forge a career while balancing your studies is an underappreciated difficulty.  My hope is that by offering my advice, experiences and even my mistakes, you can begin to make a name for yourself in writing.

I am still early into the onset of a career in motorsport journalism; so while I may not have all the answers, I will nevertheless try to help other users of Student Motorsport to climb the formative rungs on the ladder."




What I Do

Matt at Uni"First and foremost, I am a final year student at the University of Sheffield.  Completing my degree in politics and philosophy remains my priority.  However, for 2017 Autosport have taken me on board their junior programme with the aim of turning me into a decent writer.

Outside of the lecture theatre I write for various outlets covering most things between amateur racing series up to Formula E.  These commitments see my work published in print and online and I also manage various pages across social media on behalf of motorsport publications."





More About Me

Matt With Driver"I am too tall and not rich enough to be a racing driver- but as you can see, that doesn’t stop me from using the excuses of one.  I still haven’t given up on the totally unrealistic dream of an Am GT3 seat, but in the meantime I decided to try my hand at writing about racing. I loved it from the first sentence and since then my career ambitions have been set.

Like many others, my interest in motorsport came from spending Sunday afternoons watching Formula 1.  From there my loyalty was divided with WRC and BTCC before spreading to most things that run a racing livery.

I first heard about Student Motorsport at Autosport International 2017, I think this is a great platform for getting into motorsport as it is so competitive.  Any networking that can be gained here can be an asset, both to myself and anyone else using the website.

Head over to the Resource Centre to browse some of my work and please don’t hesitate to contact me via Student Motorsport."