Contributor start date: 01 Apr 2017

How I contribute to Student Motorsport

Matt Hugo"Hi I’m Matt, I’m thrilled about being a Student Motorsport contributor, I'll be sharing some of my experiences as a meteorologist and illustrating how the connection between the weather and motorsport is significant in a number of ways.  The articles and information I provide will show the links that exists between the expected weather and how motorsport works, whether that is regarding actual weather forecasts for site-specific races or how meteorologists provide more generalised forecasts for further ahead covering potential race dates and activities."





What I Do

Matt Hugo - Weather Reporting"I am consultant meteorologist here in the UK providing various forecasts for a variety of companies and organisations and also own my own weather business, North West Weather Services.  In what has been a life-long ambition to become involved in meteorology and the weather, my background involves many years of studying, including time spent living in Canada as well to help my progression into a subject that I’ve always to work in.  I’ve been a meteorologist for over 10 years now, have a honours degree in Environmental Science, I’m a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and more recently, 2 years ago, was granted the accreditation of RMet, Registered Meteorologist from the Royal Meteorological Society too.

This cemented my life-long ambition and also provides clients and companies with the sound knowledge that the forecasts and information I produce will be of the highest standard and accuracy.

One of my primary clients is the AA (Automobile Association) who I have been providing forecasts for over 4 years.  The connections between the weather and the AA are also very similar to that of motorsport, primarily regarding road surface conditions, temperatures and precipitation."

More about me

Weather Analysis"Using high quality forecasts weather models and my experience and knowledge weather forecasts can be issued for site specific locations to accommodate race days and training sessions.  The link between the weather and motorsport is quite obvious and clearly relates to the road surface conditions, particularly surface temperatures, precipitation and the desired tyres when racing in the varying weather conditions.  Having the forward knowledge of what the weather may be like for a site-specific location may provide very useful.  Equally I have access to live rainfall radar imagery and satellite imagery which can tell me where it is currently raining, for example.  Having this ability means I can provide live updates as to whether rain is imminent for any race meetings or events.

F1 Rain - Weather





Just as weather information is important to every-day life there is clearly an importance to have forecast weather information within the motor sport industry, not just for safety reasons, but also to get that ‘edge’ when it comes to races.  The link between myself and Student Motorsport is to provide that knowledge to students and other connections.

​I’m looking forward to being able to provide my services where appropriate and also continue to develop a connection between the weather and Student Motorsport. My services can be fined tuned to your needs and I hope that my experience and expertise can be put to good use moving forward in terms of the services I can provide."