Contributor start date: 01 Jul 2016

How I contribute to Student Motorsport

"Hi I'm Jordan, I contribute to the Student Motorsport Resource Centre where I write articles on my journey though Motorsport and experiences as a Data Engineer.  I also provide tips and career advice on how to get involved in motorsport.  I'm proud and very excited to be a part of Student Motorsport as I want to inspire young people to work in the industry I love, and I hope my contributions help to inspire people to take part in the sport."





What I Do

"I've followed many forms of motorsport over several years, and have developed myself to work in the industry.  My first work experience weekend was with Stratton Motorsport in May 2015 at the famous Silverstone circuit, and its there where I caught the racing bug.  I've put in long hard hours and effort into making a career out of my interest, and one year on I've worked with several teams and drivers as a Data Engineer.  I've been lucky enough to meet and work with various top teams and great drivers, and at the time of this writing I'm doing data work for a GT4 team competing in British GT Championship."




More about me

"From a young age, I've been a big fan of Motorsport.  I'd say it started when I was seven years old, when my Dad took me to my first race at Brands Hatch to see the British GT championship.  He himself has always been a fan of Motorsport.  In July 2009 I met two drivers in the paddock, namely Matt Griffin and Duncan Cameron from MTech Motorsport.  One thing led to another and I got to know the drivers and the team boss very well, and ever since I've been following the team and drivers around the UK.

I'm now putting into practice what I've learned by shadowing teams and now help drivers in various series such as The Mini Challenge and GT4 Championship by analysing track data.  I hope the experience and knowledge I'm gaining from teams helps other young people who are inspired to work in the industry I love".

You can read more about me on my website here.