Contributor start date: 01 Nov 2017

How I contribute to Student Motorsport

"Hi I'm Jess, I'm a coach and journalist who runs the motorsport careers website Racing Mentor.

As a STEM ambassador and one to one coach I'm excited to be involved and contributing to such a good cause.  In addition to being a Student Motorsport affiliate I contribute to the Resource Centre by creating factual and interesting articles in order to educate those involved within the motorsport industry.  These will be related to enhancing a driver’s profile to sponsorship right through to information aimed at those looking for a career in motorsport.

We aim to work together to raise the importance of improving yourself in whatever way that may be, so that you are able to better equipped for operating in what is a vibrant industry.  We're also thrilled to be able to help those already within motorsport and to educate those involved in the industry.

Together with Student Motorsport I'm focused on improving the well being, careers and mindset of people studying, working towards entering into and already working in this exciting and fast paced industry.  Student Motorsport members can also benefit from my services at an exclusive members only rate which you can read about on our affiliate page."

What I do

"So I'm Jess...and I am essentially here to help you.  The Racing Mentor website that I created was setup to enable me to share information and help people.

I’m also a journalist writing about motorsport, technology, cars and business.  My website is designed to help people into motorsport careers, as well as give advice to racing drivers so it made sense to work closely with Student Motorsport on our collective aims."tailored to their area of motorsport.

"I am thrilled to be personally supported by such a professional individual with a wealth of knowledge in areas such a motorsport sponsorship, journalism and coaching.  It was fantastic to meet Jess through a mutual contact in motorsport which shows how crucial it is to make good connections in this industry.  I'm looking forward to supporting our members through her professional services and advice."  JP the Founder of Student Motorsport

More about me

"I used to be a race team boss and I’ve worked with students and drivers from all walks of life.  I realised that a lot of people don’t know what path to take to get into motorsport, so from there Racing Mentor was born.  I’m still a driver manager but focus a lot of my efforts on teaching drivers to find sponsorship, and coaching people into engineering, media and management careers within motorsport.

I believe you can do anything you put your mind to. I’m there to help point people in the right direction, educate and coach..” Jessica Shanahan