Contributor start date: 01 Feb 2017

How I contribute to Student Motorsport

Ian Fowler"Hi I’m Ian, I’m really pleased to have been invited to be a Student Motorsport contributor.  I'll be sharing some of my experiences as a former engineering tutor and my activities in specialist automotive fabrication and manufacturing.

I have been in and around motorsport for years in one way and another.  That has usually been in a manufacturing capacity.  Designing and manufacturing bespoke and specialist parts for race teams and individuals whether racing cars, motorcycles, trucks, and most things in between.

I will be providing regular technical articles and general blog posts to Student Motorsport Resource Centre, and I aim to help anyone, at any level with technical and manufacturing advice.

With the benefit of being an employer and also having spent time as an educator I can offer 'real life' advice to students preparing to enter employment and employers looking at on taking on young learners and graduates and integrating them effectively as part of the work force."

What I Do

"I run a business, Flash Customs, we are a manufacturing company specialising in automotive manufacturing.  We offer custom designed parts to both enhance the looks and improve the performance of vehicles.

Our product range varies massively from polished stainless steel truck exhausts, chassis mods and roll cages for off road 4x4,  aluminium fuel tanks and intercoolers, radiators for road or race and kit cars to customised parts for motorcycles, such as engine covers, frame modifications, exhausts, suspension mods to mention a few."

More about me

"Alloy TankI am an experienced fabricator and welder with skills in design engineering and manufacturing techniques, project management, and business management in many engineering disciplines.

My core skills and interests are based around custom projects which get the grey matter working by solving problems and overcoming issues to produce something bespoke and individual for the customer.  As a 'time served engineer' my initial skill set come from the manufacture of nuclear process plant, containment vessels and medical devices.

After my apprenticeship, I moved into food processing and then race car fabrication.  I loved the time spent manufacturing close tolerance parts for the Honda Touring Car team, Ford Motorsport (Escort Cosworth rally cars), Subaru (rally cars) and single seater hill climb cars, to name but a few.

I genuinely hope that I can offer some help to anyone on Student Motorsport interested in motorsport or engineering whatever format that may take."