Contributor start date: 01 Jan 2016

How I contribute to Student Motorsport

Connor Mountain

"Hi I'm Connor, you’ll find me in and amongst the Student Motorsport Resource Centre where I write articles on the Speedway world.  I also support Student Motorsport on social media and across the country displaying the logo on my race bike and equipment.  I hope my contributions will encourage more people to become a part of Speedway racing and the motorsport industry."




What I do

Connor Mountain1

"I am a British speedway rider racing in the National league for the Mildenhall Fen Tigers.  I have had a fairly long career and started racing speedway in 2011 after switching from motocross.

I progressed from the youth ranks and British championships on a 250cc JRM onto a 500cc GM.  As my career has progressed I have gone from being a rookie in 2014 to becoming an established National league rider.  2014 was my first full season in the National league; it was a successful year as I managed to double my average from the start of the season and won the National League Trophy."




More about me

"In 2015 I was promoted to a heat leader in my speedway team, I have held this position all year and I have managed to increase my average by almost three points from the start of the season.

I graduated in Motorsport engineering at the College of West Anglia with triple Distinction.  I was taught by founder of student motorsport JP Latham, I have experience working with the college Motorsport team which I had the role of race engineer at Brands Hatch running the Formula Ford and at Snetterton in the Mini challenge.

My time working alongside JP and at the college was very enjoyable and valuable.  I learned so much being in this environment which I was able to bring to my own racing. From my experience I have learned that there is a lot of opportunities in the motorsport world. My racing goals for the 2016 season are to; become a number one rider in the national league, promote myself to premier and elite league clubs and to get a rostrum in one of the National championships.

With the experience, knowledge and qualifications I have gained I am confident that I have a wealth of possibilities ahead in an exciting industry.  I aspire to work in one of the areas of the industry such as a race engineer and hope to inspire others through my racing career and information shared here in Student Motorsport."