Jess Shanahan

How I contribute to Student Motorsport “Hi I’m Jess, I’m a coach and journalist who runs the motorsport careers website Racing Mentor. As a STEM ambassador and one to one coach I’m excited to be involved and contributing…

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Matthew Kew

How I Contribute to Student Motorsport “Hi my name is Matt, and I’m very excited to join Student Motorsport.  I am trying to cut it as a motorsport journalist and so I will be sharing my experiences…

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Andy Lloyd

How I Contribute To Student Motorsport “Hi. I’m Andy Lloyd. I primarily contribute to Student Motorsport by publicising its activities through my website EnduranceAndGT and fully support the aims of the founder of Student Motorsport.  I hope that, though…

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Chris Dawes

How I contribute to Student Motorsport “Hi I’m Chris, and I have the privilege of commentating on motorsport.  I’m here to provide information on my experiences in commentating, hosting, presenting, and broadcasting. I feel very lucky to…

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Alan Smeaton

How I contribute to Student Motorsport “Hi, my name is Alan and I have two passions in life, photography and motorsport.  I became involved in Student Motorsport through the founder JP after striking up a friendship with…

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Jack Benyon

How I contribute to Student Motorsport “Hi I’m Jack, I will be supporting Student Motorsport and its members by providing information on motorsport reporting and journalism.” I’m proud to be involved in this Student Motorsport and also…

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