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Work With UsStudent Motorsport and our selected partners are working to provide our members the best possible start and to their motorsport, automotive and engineering careers.  To either work with us as and employer or organisation and take advantage of our Work Experience and Career Consultation Services we recommend joining our network and setting up a individual or professional profile.  Setting up a profile is easy and will go a long way to help you improving your exposure and activities to the wider motorsport industry.  Please note we have to prioritise our work experience placements and consultation time to our members.



For Candidates

Work Experience Services

Our careers services which includes work experience packages take a great deal of time to arrange and manage.  We work closely with recruitment providers and motorsport organisations to ensure you succeed, and this work forms part of our paid services.  We are a not-for-profit organisation and work hard to ensure that employers and candidates are matched well to ensure both parties have the best experience.  We must make it clear that we do not charge students directly for work experience packages and services. 

We are happy to help candidates and will liaise with your institution to secure funding for your career development.  Where your institution will not support you in paying for our services, we are still prepared to offer you a level of service providing you are a member of our goes a long way to helping us if you are supporting our network...and it of course helps you to #GetInvolved!

For Employers

Work ExperienceWe're actively working with and sourcing employers, racing teams and individuals that are looking for extra support either track side or at your facility.  Work with us so that we can find you suitable candidates who are looking to gain the vital experience that they need in order to work in the motorsport industry.  We take 'the leg work' out of work experience and ensure the process works for you from start to finish.  Channel your work experience enquiries to us, so that you can carry on with your important day to day working activities.

Affiliate - Race Staff - LogoIt's also importation to note that we also work alongside specialist recruitment companies, in particular Race Staff in developing work experience programmes to support our members and motorsport organisations.  We're working to change the way in which students find vital work experience and engage with the industry.

Please contact us for further information by emailing us at [email protected]


Our Careers Services

Consultation Services

Our Careers Services can be secured by students, graduates and individuals looking to make the break into the motorsport industry.  We are also here to support and help those who are already working in the industry that need further support and guidance.  Our consultation work and packages are paid services charged at an hourly rate and can be tailored to your needs. 

We pride ourselves on our work with educational institutions whereby we help to review and develop teaching programs and practices and motorsport involvement.  Some of the work we have carried out to date includes supporting student motorsport projects, developing educator race team operations and improving student work experience diversity.  Our consultations range from phone calls, Skype calls to face-to-face meetings depending on your requirements.

Remember we are here to help you 'go from home to the track' and we do this by setting achievable set goals which teach you to take control of your future by becoming pro-active in 'making it happen'...'time waits for no man'...neither does motorsport.

Please contact us for further information by emailing us at [email protected]


Who can we help?

Pupils/Students - If you're a pupil or student studying a motorsport related subject or qualification at a school, UTC, college or university and see one of our advertised opportunities please get in touch with us.  We can then liaise with your institution to discuss securing you a place.

Graduates - If you have graduated from a motorsport related subject or qualification at a school, UTC, college or university and see one of our advertised opportunities please get in touch with us.  We would be pleased to discuss our work experience and coaching consultancy services and secure you the work experience and coaching you require.

Motorsport Enthusiasts - If you have a strong interest in motorsport and perhaps want to gain work experience in a field of your interest and have not graduated from a motorsport related subject or qualification we can help you.  It's never to late to start a career in motorsport, the industry needs dedicated, hard working motorsport enthusiasts like you.  We would be pleased to discuss our work experience and coaching consultancy services and secure you the work experience and coaching you require.

Current Opportunities

Affiliate - AS Autosport Photography - Car

Data Collection & Systems Engineering - Shadowing professional Data System Engineers in the collection of data and operation and service of data acquisition systems in series such as GT Cup & Radical.  

Data Acquisition & Analysis - Shadowing professional Data Engineers in series such as GT3/4,  Ginetta Junior, Radical and Britcar.

Number 2 Mechanics - Shadowing number 1 race mechanics by working to prepare and run race cars in the BTRDA Rally Championship and Fiesta ST Trophy.

Number 2 Mechanics - Shadowing number 1 race mechanics by working to prepare and run BMW Mini race cars for a leading company in the Mini Challenge.

Number 2 Mechanics - Shadowing number 1 race mechanics by working to prepare and run BMW 1 Series race cars for a team in the Gaz Shocks 116i Trophy.

Number 2 Mechanics - Shadowing number 1 race mechanics by working to prepare and run Formula Ford race cars for a team entering into various series such as Champion of Brands, Heritage Formula Ford and Formula Ford Festival.

Media & Press - Shadowing remote work and circuit based events in British GT with a motorsport media company...gain experience in writing about motorsport, managing social media for an on-line magazine, coverage planning, event preparation, interview preparation and race weekend management.

Media & Press - Shadowing remote work and circuit based events in Mini Challenge JCW with a motorsport media company...gain experience in driver and team PR, writing about drivers, managing their social media, marketing material and compiling online content.

More opportunities are becoming available and will be updated in due course.  As we are early into the 2019 (season preparations) and plans are still being made...please contact us for support, and to discuss your 2019 work experience with us.

What do our Packages Include?

1. 30-80 hours work experience placement.  Depending on your prior experience, requirements, and what we feel will suit you best, your work experience package may see you placed in differing situations.  For example, you may be placed at the race track for a race car test or race a full weekend, at motorsport facility or shadowing a motorsport professional during motorsport activities.

2. Career mentoring with our selected partners (depending on the option you choose)

3. Before, during and after placement calls from Student Motorsport to answer any questions, track your progress and to gain feedback.

4. Social media coverage to promote your activities and highlight you to potential educators or employers.

5. Options for follow up calls, coaching and further work experience through our selected partners.  Additional coaching, mentoring and careers area can be added...please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please note when undertaking your work experience, on occasion your contact hours may affected or may fall short due to 'unforeseen circumstances' such as a racing incident, (if working at a race event) or a differing situation which may arise at a motorsport facility or organisation. This is almost always out of our control, that said we will do everything we can to ensure you are supported and that your outstanding hours/days are substituted within reason and where possible.  Learn more here in our Terms & Conditions.

Why do I need to do work experience whilst studying or training?

In August 2013 The Department for Education, the 'DFE' introduced what is now commonly known as 'study programmes'.  This meant that all students that are aged 16-19 years that are engaging in Further Education or Traineeships (16-24 years) must follow a tailored study programme to their career aspirations of which includes completing work experience.  We at Student Motorsport are all about combining the 'ingredients to success' that we talk about in other areas of the, experience and networking, and of course being a 'fan' of motorsport.



What's a Study programme?

CWA Motorsports - College of West AngliaSo, in short study programmes are intended to enable all students and trainees to take a programme that helps them progress to their next stage of their intended career whether it be employment with training, an apprenticeship or further study including entry into higher education.

A Study Programme is a DfE initiative which aims to tailor and individualise all learners' education and training experience, whilst enhancing their employment and employability opportunities.  All study programmes for all 16-19 year old students in education have a core aim, and this is what we love!  Study Programmes here in the United Kingdom are designed to complement all learner pathways (route to success) whether they are vocational and/or vocational based which most people in the motorsport industry will tell you...experience is vital.

The core aim of a study programme includes a substantial qualification, which can be academic or vocational or work experience.  Most young people in education in the UK undertake a post 16 years course at college or study A'levels, but in all cases the study programme that they undertake must be tailored to each individual student, have clear educational and/or employment goals and have a clear path to their career.

So...what is Work Experience and is it important?

Work experience as we have mentioned earlier is a key component of 16-19 study programmes and all UK students are expected to undertake work experience or some form of work-related training as part of their study programme ‘non-qualification activity’.  Although this is not 'statuary law' we here at Student Motorsport couldn't be happier that this has been introduced by the DfE.  Most motorsport companies, employers and organisations have been literally 'crying out' for a way for the UK to better compliment a student's education.

Relevant work experience was rated by 66% of recruiting employers as being a critical or significant factor looked for in candidates (UKCES Employer Perspectives Survey 2014)

31% of young people starting their working lives do not feel they have the appropriate skills, citing a lack of work experience (71%) as being their main weakness (CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey 2013)

What are employers looking for in me?

We carefully select student and graduate candidates for our experience projects and recruitment services.  Our decisions are based on several factors in a step by step process to ensure the suitability of our experience projects and job placements and the organisation we are to place them with.  We look carefully at areas such as their efforts whilst in education, success with and timeliness of theory work, ability and involvement with practical activities and their race team and other important qualities employers look for such as attitude to work, punctuality and work ethic.

More information and updates to follow as we develop this area...please stand by.

If you have a work experience or job vacancy for which you are looking for candidates, or you wish to contact us to discuss your company’s requirements, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]


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