Who is supporting us to shape Student Motorsport?

Please take a look at our fantastic partners who are helping us to shape Student Motorsport.  There you can see examples of some of the individuals and organisations that we are also working with in order to support you.  You can also head there by clicking on the 'Affiliates Centre' image to the left of this page.  Their fantastic contribution is going far in supporting the ongoing development of opportunities, our website features and community activities.

Student Motorsport is the first online community connecting motorsport, automotive and engineering pupils, students, graduates, institutions, professionals and organisations.  Through focused networking, and with support from affiliated individuals and organisations we're working hard towards creating a unique environment and new and exciting ways in which these people can interact within the motorsport industry.

With the fantastic help and support from our affiliated individuals and organisations we're able to develop and provide opportunities for our website members.  Let’s make a positive impact on the motorsport industry and do something different.


Work with us

We invite you to work with us in supporting the development of ‘the next generation of motorsport professionals’.  There are many ways to become involved in our new and exciting website, some of which have not yet been introduced as we continue our journey.  Some of the affiliates we work with provide products, services or experiences for our members but we're all ears to how we can help you promote your business through our website...we look forward to welcoming you to our website and community.  We need your support to succeed...we're aiming high in our goals, so team work is essential.

We stand by our mission of creating a website and community that has direct involvement and input from the people interested in, studying and working in the motorsport industry…this is ‘phase 2’ of our development which you can learn about on our About Us page.

We're always looking for people and organisations to join us through collaborative projects, support or investment.  If you share our vision we want you to help us in shaping our venture and inspiring us and others to do more for young people entering into the motorsport industry.


Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the ways you can become involved and contribute either through collaborative projects, support donations or investment.

Alternatively see our Get Involved page for further information and other examples of how people are working with us.

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