Student Motorsport are proud to welcome The Blair Project to our new website, we are collaborating with them to bring opportunities to students, graduates and aspiring automotive and motorsport professionals.


What they do…

The Blair Project (TBP) is working to increase participation in grassroots motorsports by innovating low cost solutions to make it more affordable and accessible for talented young drivers, mechanics and engineers to reach the highest levels in the sport. This includes an exciting new innovation in electric racing.  As part of its mission to promote greater equality in motorsports, The Blair Project has developed a Girls in Motorsports Project,  to help bring through the next generation of female drivers, mechanics and engineers.

Motor racing is a very expensive sport where talent is not enough. To promote greater social equality and inclusion in motorsport, 19 year old IT graduate Nile Henry, from Manchester set up TBP to draw together funding and grants to give opportunity and hope where none currently exists.  Nile was inspired by the grim determination of his younger brother Blair, to keep racing against the odds.


How we’re working together…

Student Motorsport is working with the TBP to bring opportunities to young people, undergraduate and graduate students in motorsport.

A key focus of TBP is to incorporate an educational provision, using the activity of motorsports to inspire young people to take up STEM courses and progress into further education, employment and training.  In addition to elite driver development, TBP is pioneering the creation of an e-motorsports hub in the North West, to increase grassroots participation in motor racing by making it more accessible, affordable and entertaining!  TBP has attracted the backing and support of Enrique Scalabroni, former F1 technical director at Ferrari, Lotus and Williams.

TBP also plans to develop road safety programmes for schools to improve the driving skills and attitudes of pupils, in order to cut the number of road deaths caused by young drivers.  They will provide opportunities for ordinary people to get involved in volunteering and learn new skills as race marshals, instructors and officials.


A word from them…

"Partnerships and collaborations with organisations like Student Motorsport are key to the success of our drivers, mechanics and engineers.  We have some exciting new developments we are working with Student Motorsport on in the area of electric racing, which will open up even more opportunities for young talent."

Nile Henry, the CEO of TBP.