Student Motorsport are proud to welcome Racing Mentor to our new website, we are collaborating with them to bring opportunities to our members, students, graduates and aspiring automotive and motorsport professionals.


What they do...

Affiliate - Racing Mentor - LogoRacing Mentor was founded by Jess Shanahan and is a resource for those looking for careers in motorsport.  They provide guidance through articles, courses, videos, interviews and coaching.

Jess is also STEM Ambassador, and believes in supporting and working with schools to educate the next generation of engineering talent.  As well as working with people looking for careers in motorsport, engineering, media, management and beyond, Racing Mentor provides advice and coaching to racing drivers looking to climb the motorsport ranks.



How we're working together...

Affiliate - Racing Mentor - Pit LaneStudent Motorsport and Racing Mentor are working together to reach more students, offer courses and help more people into this exciting industry.  You can find the course we offer here we'd love for you to take a look, take part and also advise us what you'd find useful as you develop your motorsport career..

We like Jess believe strongly that combining education, experience, networking and core skills is key to success.  Racing Mentor's courses and workshops are available to groups or individuals in education and in the wider motorsport, automotive and engineering industries.  Together with Racing Mentor we're also reaching out to schools, colleges, UTC's, universities, individuals and organisations to further enhance areas such as communication, presenting skills, and ensuring you are better prepared for employment.



A word from them...

Affiliate - Racing Mentor - Working"I’m a journalist writing about motorsport, technology, cars and business. I’m also a former team boss who now runs motorsport courses and provides one-on-one coaching to students."

"I’m very excited to be working with Student Motorsport.  Our brands overlap wonderfully and we can do so much more as a team."

Jess Shanaham, Founder of Racing Mentor.