Student Motorsport are proud to welcome Motorsport Suppliers to our new website, we are collaborating with them to bring information, services and opportunities to our members, students, graduates and aspiring automotive and motorsport professionals.


What they do...

Affiliate - Motorsport Suppliers - LogoMotorsport Suppliers is a new trading platform that enables teams, businesses and educators (such as college and universities) to source the best suppliers using our online quotation and tendering service.

Customers looking for a supplier can publish a ‘Project brief’ outlining their requirements and can include details such as budgets, deadlines, images and supporting documents.

Our directory of suppliers can then access contact details and approach the opportunity however the customer has decided - a telephone call or proposal document.  This creates a level-playing field for the customer to evaluate their options.  The site is currently looking for businesses and consultants to join the supplier directory in all disciplines.


How we're working together...

Affiliate - Motorsport Suppliers - Website ImageWe're pleased to be working together with Motorsport Suppliers to offer our members exclusive services.  We then go one step further, Motorsport Suppliers and Student Motorsport share very similar values and a reliance on a digital platform.  It is intended for the two to work together, transferring knowledge to develop both platforms for the benefit of the industry's growing awareness of how online services can be best utilised.

Our members will ultimately benefit from our partnership, initially Motorsport Suppliers will offer any customers that create a 'Supplier Profile' on their website a further three months discount when the subscription service commences.  Members who would like to take up this option are asked to e-mail or message Motorsport Suppliers to secure their discount and provide them with their Student Motorsport account username.


A word from them...

Affiliate - Motorsport Suppliers - Founder"We’re thrilled to be part of Student Motorsport’s network which is showing amazing promise.  After just a few discussions with the Founder JP, there’s a growing sense of how much we are aligned in what we’re trying to achieve for motorsport.  There’s a lot of scope to support each other in the future."

Patrick Hathaway, Founder of Motorsport Supplies.