Student Motorsport are proud to welcome Motorsport Skills to our new website, we are collaborating with them to bring opportunities to our members, students, graduates and aspiring automotive and motorsport professionals.


What they do...

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Motorsport Skills is a dedicated website for motorsport education.  From universities to colleges, online and short courses they list what is available for anyone looking for a career in motorsport.  Motorsport Skills also illustrates what educational routes and options are out there for students.

Their Founder is also the Founder of Race Staff another one of our fantastic partners, the worlds leading website for motorsport jobs.  Russell recognised the need for potential students of motorsport to be able to look at all the courses that are available in one place to help them make a considered decision about what and where to study, something that we too feel very passionate about.



How we're working together...

Affiliate - Motorsport Skills- Website PageStudent Motorsport and Motorsport Skills are working collaboratively to raise awareness of the educational routes, courses and educational establishments people can choose to study at.  This work will go a long way to supporting the next generation of motorsport students, graduates and in turn professionals in the wider motorsport industry.

"It was a partnership that made total sense, we're already working with their sister company Race Staff to bring work experience and job opportunities to students and graduates..."

JP Latham, Founder of Student Motorsport



A word from them...

Affiliate - Race Staff - Quote"Student Motorsport are vitally important in helping the next generation of motorsport personnel to achieve all they can in this exciting industry.  We encourage them to aim high and be the best they can be having once been in the same position ourselves."

Russell Howard, CEO of Race Staff.