Student Motorsport are proud to welcome Motorsport Days Live to our new website, we are collaborating with them to bring opportunities to our members, students, graduates and aspiring automotive and motorsport professionals.


 What they do...

Affiliate - Motorsport Days Live

In 2018 BWR Media Ltd. launched MotorsportDays LIVE, the UK’s first on-track trade event held at Silverstone, the home of British motorsport. By filtering out the fan element, MotorsportDays LIVE focuses solely on a professionally engaged audience, consisting of amateur and professional drivers, championship co-ordinators, engineers, genuine track day enthusiasts, motorsport investors and performance car buyers. The event includes the unique opportunity to test vehicles and products LIVE on the International Circuit, which offers a previously unseen level of engagement for both exhibitors and visitors alike. Strategically timed at the end of the season, this “try before you buy” option in early November, not only increases driver sign-up and future involvement in championships and independent race teams but enhances sales and business opportunities for suppliers, manufacturers and companies that exhibit at the event.

We are looking to transform this year’s event even further with a better offering for students and build on the introduction of MIA’s “School of Engineering” and SCU Motorsport who both had a presence at MotorsportDays LIVE last year. Working with Student Motorsport this year sees a dedicated area on the mezzanine in Hall 2 for education and recruitment, which will create the perfect platform for universities and colleges to promote their courses and degrees. Garage and paddock space will be available for university and college teams to get out on track in a real-time LIVE race environment. Students can get up close, get first-hand work experience and gain vital contacts for their future development.


How we're working together...

MSDL - Event Layout

With the introduction of an exclusive Education and Recruitment floor at MotorsportDays LIVE 2019, which will focus around universities and colleges, courses and recruitment programmes within the industry, Student Motorsport is perfectly poised to utilise MotorsportDays LIVE as an event platform to help promote the future vision of the organisation and to work closer together to increase the number of individuals and communities at the show.

This support should intern influence future marketing and promotional strategies to encourage the growth of Student Motorsport, provide a new event for your current user(s) as well as support new acquisition.

We at BWR Media Ltd. have recognised Student Motorsport’s vision to connect a community of pupils, students, graduates, educators and professional organisations and together we can drive awareness and the benefits of the event for both those involved and those looking to get involved in the sport.


A word from them...

Affiliate - MSDL - Ben WhibleyBen Whibley was lucky enough to compete in motorsport from an early age, allowing him to witness the sport first-hand, from grass-roots all the way to the top, eventually going on to win various championships across Europe. With the winning ethos firmly embedded, his career over the last 12 years has been in the fast-paced world of the publishing and events industry, organising some of the largest trade shows across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. In recent years personally launching, from the ground up, eight highly successful international events within various sectors. His aim now is to continue to deliver a new European trade event for the Motorsport sector; one that not only offers fantastic opportunities both on and off track but also delivers a guaranteed level of engagement unsurpassed anywhere else in the industry.

"We all have to start somewhere but one thing we at BWR Media aim to achieve is to give the next person a better chance than the last. Our conversations with Student Motorsport have looked at numerous ways to help students get experience and work in the Motorsport Industry. Therefore by combining the successful work that Student Motorsport is doing within the industry and the platform we have created with MotorsportDays LIVE at the home of British motorsport, students, colleges, universities and graduates can now get even closer to those within a live racing environment, get first-hand work experience and gain vital contacts for their future development.  "

Ben Whibley, Owner & Event Director at MSDL