Student Motorsport are proud to welcome Mintron Racing to our new website who are working with us to bring bring information, services and opportunities to our members, students, graduates and aspiring motorsport, automotive and engineering professionals of the future.


What they do…

Minitron Racing was founded by Innes Hickman in 1991 as a means for him to get started in competition. Innes told us: "Initially it was just me and my Dad with friends occasionally helping and we started in sprints and hillclimbs with a Mini Clubman and progressed from there to eventually run the Van Diemen Formula Ford 1600 that we have now.  It’s a small family team but we run a professional outfit and prepare our cars to the highest standard."

The team currently runs a Van Diemen in Formula Ford 1600.  In recent years they have been competing in SEMSEC events based in the Southeast but for 2013 they raced in the MSVR Champion of Brands series as well as taking part in the BRSCC Formula Ford Festival and this has been where they have been racing since.

Towards the end of 2012 Minitron Racing was starting to form a plan to move on from the SEMSEC meetings their founder Innes had taken part in previously and move into the MSVR Champion of Brands Series for 2013.  Innes was working at his local college for a few months around the time so had formed a relationship with the students there which resulted in a fresh team for 2013.  Since taking on these new students, the team has gone from strength to strength and Innes has shared his knowledge and experience with them in return for their efforts at the circuit and workshop.  Innes has been able to offer real life racing experience to the people that have needed it at that time of their careers.

Currently Minitron Racing are able to retain their existing students but understand that as they come to graduate and get jobs in the industry, students will inevitably move on.  This means that they occasionally have openings for new team members.  Any work with the team is on a strictly voluntary basis and no money changes hands.  They are only a one car operation, and tend to limit the team to just three or four team members so that everyone is kept busy.  Inness added: "The worst thing for learning is to not have enough work to go around and we can’t afford to carry anyone.  We tend to look for self-motivation, a willingness to listen and reliability in any new student wanting to join the team and we like to interview potential candidates so that we can assess team fit and skill level.  It’s vital to us that any new team member fits in as we are a very close team and cannot afford conflict."

Minitron Racing - TeamThe team have 20 years experience in British club motorsport, from Modified Production Minis in sprints and hill climbs to circuit racing in Formula Ford 1600 and is run by Innes Hickman who is also the team’s driver.  The team also provide technical assistance to other competitors on a consultancy basis and also closely work with further education colleges supporting various race projects and car builds.

Innes told us: “I been running Formula Fords since 1998 and we do all the work on the car, from engine rebuilds to suspension set up, in house at our Surrey workshop.  My professional background is in engine building and dyno testing and more recently supercar manufacture, so there is little we can’t tackle.  As a team we won the SEMSEC Formula Ford 1600 Championship in 2009, 2010 and 2011 and in 2008 we competed in the Formula Ford Festival.


How we’re working together…

Minitron Racing first started to get involved with the educational side of motorsport back in 2009 when they assisted the College of West Anglia with their Marrick Formula Ford project.  Innes told us: "We helped out with technical knowledge and also did a couple of tests with them once the car was running.  This turned into a full time drive with them for the 2010 season and we ran in SEMSEC events at Lydden and Brands Hatch with some success.  It was through this that I met Student Motorsport founder JP Latham and he suggested that I take a small number of students on to assist with my on racing as I was going to return to using Mintron’s Van Diemen for 2011.  It started slowly as I got used to working with students with limited experience but with JP’s assistance I learned how to get the best out of them and help them unlock their potential.  This carried on through 2012 with mainly students from CWA."

They will also be supporting members of our site with information on club racing and single seater racing in the future developments of our site.


A word from them…

Affiliate - Minitron Racing - Founder"We're very pleased to offer our support to Student Motorsport and hope to provide members with an insight into the world of club racing and some of the technical details that go into race car preparation."

Innes Hickman, Founder of Minitron Racing.