Student Motorsport are proud to welcome Barth Designs to our new website, we are collaborating with them to bring opportunities to our members, students, graduates and aspiring automotive and motorsport professionals.


What they do…

Barth Designs was established in 2012 by the companies CEO Julia Barth.  Aptly named after herself she wanted to put her inexplicable affection and interest in design to motorsport helmets.  After building a strong family of connections from around the world she has built her company with her core values in mind.

Her main activity is helmet graphic designing, but has recently turned to the addition of racecar livery designs.  Besides motorsport graphics she also provides promotional products in the form of 1:2 scaled, custom designed miniature helmets.  Their mission statement and ways of thinking are shared with the ways in which we continually strive to do great things, invent new ways to engage motorsport enthusiasts and support our members.



How we’re working together…

Barth Designs are keen supporters of what we are trying to achieve here at Student Motorsport.  Julia stands by her belief of 'keeping things simple' but turning her passion for design into a company with values the we share.  Close connections, friendships, co-operation and learning attributing to the leading factors behind her success.

Our work begins with the introduction of supporting our causes by sharing experiences, strengths and connections to ensure we give the best to the clients and every people we are working together.  We aim to achieve great things, and as a result of the positive relationship we have built between our two companies we are now able to offer unique benefits to our members and visitors that are only available through Student Motorsport.

Our companies have also come together to introduce the Barth Designs range at discounted prices to members and partners of our community, what better company to collaborate with who have their sights aimed on quality and innovation.

To take advantage of our the unique Barth Designs offers and discounts on their custom designs, promotional products and race car livery please send your enquiries by contacting us here at Student Motorsport.


A word from them…

"When I first met JP the founder of Student Motorsport I immediately realised his high regard for honesty and helping people match my ambitions.  It's a pleasure to work together as we have many things in common, including a great love and passion for motorsport.  I believe our great support for each other will bring great benefits for our respective visitors, members, affiliate and partners."

Julia Barth, CEO of Barth Designs.