Student Motorsport are proud to welcome AS Autosport Photography to our new website, we are working with them to bring photography opportunities to our members, students, graduates and aspiring automotive and motorsport professionals.  We’re also pleased to be able to illustrate the good things we are doing through their amazing photography work.


What they do…

Alan is the founder of AS Autosport a site that has been developed for everyone who enjoys speed, motor bikes and racing cars.  He has built up a fantastic reputation in and amongst teams in the paddock from Snetterton to Silverstone and his cameras have been there to capture the true story of motorsport.

Alan has worked hard to learn my craft and have been photographing motorsport since 2006.  I started by photographing club meetings at my local track and then got involved with In2Racing, who compete in the Porsche GT3 championship.  I have also followed the Formula Renault championship during the 2012 season and I am a well-known face in the paddock."



How we’re working together…

Affiliate - AS Autosport Photography - CarAlan became involved in Student Motorsport through JP its founder after striking up a friendship with him on the Formula Renault Circuit, back then he was working in the series as a race mechanic.

They have supported us with photography that has helped us to illustrate some of the fantastic work that has taken place on our Projects Area, and will also be supporting members of our website with information on motorsport photography in the further developments of our site.



A word from them…

"I was delighted when I was asked to become involved in such a project.  I look forward to helping the future site members in any way I can and look forward to the developments in the coming months.  Motorsport photography is not an easy industry to break into but if it’s something you love, you just have to keep perfecting your craft and produce the images that people want.  I don’t have all the answers but I am happy to share my experience with you if you share my passion."

Alan Smeeton, Founder of AS Autosport Photography.