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What does Student Motorsport do?

Its simple...we connect people, provide access to relevant information and help individuals achieve their aims through our community, projects and opportunities...

Student Motorsport is the first online motorsport community for students, graduates, educators, institutions, professionals and organisations.  It's a place where people looking to take the step into the motorsport industry can come for information; and those with experience can share information, provide support and guidance and help us to highlight and create opportunities.

Our vision is the creation of a website and community that will help pupils, students, graduates and enthusiasts work towards a career in the motorsport industry.  That vision has been a personal goal of our founder.  It’s through a collection of his personal experiences, skills, knowledge and dedication that he has been able to introduce the concept that you see today...we invite you to read more about our ongoing development.

Our mission is clear

Create an online community to connect people...share information...boost awareness and give people access to opportunities...

We're developing a focused, targeted and structured environment in order to connect the world’s motorsport enthusiasts, pupils, students, graduates, institutions and professionals.  These individuals and organisations build and manage a professional online profile, access resources, develop new affiliations, catalyse and benefit from new opportunities and seek new ventures whilst sharing their information, knowledge and experience.

We are a non-for-profit organisation (Limited by Guarantee) and strongly believe in giving something back to the motorsport industry.  Our aims and goals which include our key aims are in supporting and helping our website guests and members access and benefit from the right combination of education, experience and networking opportunities.

We believe in bringing people closer together, integrity, empowerment, excellence and community spirit to drive our website, community and mission forward.

Our history

It's an ambitious long-term project that we are building...our journey is opening up exciting new avenues...

The story behind Student Motorsport began in 2011 through the personal experiences and endeavours of our founder who has been in the very same position as many of the people he wants to help.  He felt that he is able to better understand what support students and young people need in order to succeed in this challenging and demanding environment.

The vision came from a drive to help people, and was first publicised through a simple website that advertised the endeavours he had gone through to helping you people secure experience and work in the motorsport industry.  From there came the development of a community website coupled with resources and collaborative projects, the website you see today.  Coupled with his collective experiences as an undergraduate and graduate motorsport, a motorsport professional, motorsport college lecturer and team manager the concept is developing.

Example of the projects and work experience he has arranged can be viewed by heading over to our Projects Area.  His efforts in supporting, coaching and developing many people has led to individuals gaining knowledge and vital hands on motorsport experience leading to motorsport placements and jobs.

This ongoing effort is leading the further development of the vision, concept and success of the website today. Thank you for taking the time to read about our exciting journey.

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